Thursday, January 22, 2015

You're still a rebellious revolutionary -- Former Student

Hello Mr. Scott. This is Richard P. I graduated from your 6th grade class in the year of 1974. I hope all is well with you. You're still a rebellious revolutionary. When I think about my years of growing up in Williamsburg Bklyn you're on the top of the list. I wish you all of the best in 2015. God bless you!!!!
I guess I talked about my politics to the kids in 1974 and survived.

Richie sent a photo - I'm thinking he must be about 50 or more and looking OK. As teachers we worried a lot about the kids, especially the boys - and he says life is good -- living in suburbs and working in the city. He called today and we will talk. The last time I think I saw him was at his mom's wake about 30 or more years ago. And she was one fine lady and we talked a lot. Too bad she didn't get to see him grow into full manhood.


  1. After 40 years!!!!!! You're either super lucky, or truly blessed to hear from a student after that long (probably a bit of both).

  2. What better compliment could you possibly get? Congratulations...


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