Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fighting Back In Your School - MORE Chapter Leader Election and Support Workshop - Jan. 24

I see a lot of complaints about a lot of things going on in education but often these complaints are not attached to the problem with the union. Nothing will change until the union changes. And that change starts at the school level. I will (reluctantly) shlep down to the Delegate Assembly to watch more shoveling of bullshit - the only reason I'm going is because I'll be in the neighborhood for the 3020a hearing. It is so obvious that so many people are left out in the cold by the UFT -- and it makes it worse when it's 10 degrees.

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Fighting Back In Your School

by morecaucusnyc
Now, more than ever we need a revitalized union that involves and mobilized all its members. You can do this by getting active in the upcoming UFT chapter leader and delegate elections. All schools (chapters) will have an election this spring.
Our tenure rights, pensions, our very jobs are coming under attack from politicians on both sides of the aisle and the corporate billionaires who fund them. Schools have become places of fear; teachers are scared of losing their jobs, students are afraid of tests, administrators who lack classroom experience violating our contractual rights. Teachers were once highly respected members of society who dedicated their lives to making the world a better place. Now we face attack after attack from those who have an economic interest in destroying the public education system. The plan is simple; close down our public schools, destroy unions, drive down wages, and increase their profits.
How do we fight back, how do we defend public education while advocating for the children we serve? Unions are the answer! You need to start in your school. Revitalizing your own chapter is where you start.
This is where MORE can help. We have to start from the bottom up. We have to organize ourselves, get people in our schools involved in the fight and educate parents and community members. The best way to do this is during the upcoming chapter elections.
Start with your chapter, if your chapter leader is not responsive or not interested in calling chapter meetings or seeking input from members then it is time for a change. Luckily it's the right time, get in touch with MORE, we can set up a local meeting near you, help you run, offer support, and workshops. MORE can put you in touch with nearby UFT members who are facing the same challenges you are.
Our long time chapter leaders can advise you on best practices for winning elections and how to defeat the incumbent. MORE members can help in getting your staff involved in taking back our schools from the culture of fear. Our vision of unionism is one where UFT members in the schools work together, empower each other, get mobilized, have each others back, and then build alliances with nearby schools and communities.
No UFT member should ever be left alone! We ARE our union. Our working conditions are our students' learning conditions.
Come to MORE’s January workshop to learn how to build a stronger and more active chapter.
January 24th 12:00-2:30pm
CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Ave at 34th st NYC room 5409
Free childcare is available - please email to reserve.
We will be serving free pizza and soft drinks during our post workshop meet and mingle from 2:30-3:00pm.
If you can not make this workshop email:  to set up a meeting near you

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