Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time for De Blasio to Close the Entire Public School System on March 4 for UFT Lobby Day

--- use school buses to get as many of the million kids in the school system up to Albany - and also their parents. After all, Eva is doing it on March 4 and we are told all the time we should replicate her successful strategies. Using kids for political reasons should not be ruled off the table for replication. Call it a civics lesson.


  1. She did it before and also did the march over the Brooklyn Bridge with her students and NO ONE DID ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!! NYC teachers are not even allowed to wear campaign buttons during election periods but no one does anything about Eva using MY TAX DOLLARS to have her students participate in Political rallies!! When is even ONE of our ELECTED OFFICISLS going to do something about this???

  2. De Blasio close the schools so students, parents and teachers can advocate for not having their public schools destroyed?

    After what happened last spring, na ga happen...


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