Friday, January 23, 2015

Now Needed MORE Than Ever: MORE Chapter Building Workshop Saturday January 24th 12:00-3:00pm

Did you check out the Cuomo assault? Have you watched how UFT/NYSUT has responded to the ed deform agenda by straddling the line and in fact pretty much losing every battle even if it wins some minor skirmishes? Someone sent this article with this comment:
Am I over-reacting, or are we going to have to strike? The numbers dont add up. They just don't add up. How does a senior teacher survive this?
My response was:
Experience hands think it's over -- our main problem is the UFT, not Cuomo because no matter what we do the UFT will put up a faux and distracting fight, looking to salvage what they can to keep their oligarchy in control. Even if the UFT shrinks by 25% they will still be there. Problem is that it is easy for them to misdirect people so it looks like they are doing something. And they can use the "We must be united, don't be critical" argument to shut down opposition. Without an organized union leading striking is not a possibility. What will happen is that more people like you will begin to get it and that is why we must stay alive and build organizational infrastructure so people have a place to go.
Our chapter building and chapter leader support networks are the only defense because unless principals face organized resistance there is little hope -- a lot still happens at the school level.

Which is why figuring out how to establish organized resistance at the school level is crucial:

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UFT Chapter elections are coming up this Spring!

If you're interested in running for Chapter Leader or Delegate in your school, or, if you just want to help your union chapter do a better job protecting members’ rights, join us at a Chapter Building Workshop next Saturday, Jan 24th!

We'll help you make plans to build a stronger, more organized, and more involved UFT chapter in your school.
RSVP on facebook here, or just come on out, and be sure to spread the word!
MORE Chapter Building Workshop
Saturday January 24th 12:00-3:00pm
CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Ave at 34th st NYC room 5409

Food and beverages will be served, and free childcare is available, but e-mail to reserve it.

If you are unable to make it, e-mail us (! We have a team ready to help any one who wants to revitalize our union chapters at the school level.

Movement of Rank and File Educators
Here are some more comments:
The union response is a distraction and misdirection from the real work that has to be done. They have allowed things to deteriorate so much at the school level with all-empowered principals from their old-pal organization, the CSA, that they can barely energize an increasingly skeptical teaching force.
The Uft has no interest in having members active, fighting, speaking out. They care about their power and money- that's it. Unfortunately it's that simple. Uft is happy when members are complacent or too fearful to do something. They will deal with the tenure changes because it keeps tenure, they like evals cause we sell accountability, they like charters- they can organize them for less than we will take.


Bronx ATR said...

How does a senior teacher survive? Every senior teacher I know is now an ATR, or soon will be. No chapter leaders aspirations for us. 1800 and not one chapter. We are denied a voice and participation. The UFT wants 25 year old, untenured, inexperienced chapter leaders, but the DOE wants them even more (no pun intended).

ed notes online said...

It is getting like Chicago here. I get what you are saying. ATRs are cut out of the loop. I wish you guys were more organized - like 1800 of you marching because that is a way to get some action. While you guys have been out there for so many years, this may be the shot that wakes up the rest -- I've gotten a bunch of people contacting me after their observations. Today was last day of testimony at south Bronx School hearing - closing arguments in 10 days. I learned all about paper trails and the dishonest use of observations. Here is something you need to do -- hold survival training exercises for ATRs. All of you have learned some tricks --- share them.

Anonymous said...

War is a coming..........

Bronx ATR said...

Great ideas! I'll bring them up at next ATR /Solidarity meeting. Cheers.

ed notes online said...

Also - you guys need a newsletter - something that educates people --- Call it The Invisible Teacher -- we can help you lay it out and get copies --- set up a fund of sorts. Use it as an organizing tool. I'm sure we can use the MORE networks to help out.
and a demo at UFT headquarters and maybe a march from there to Tweed.
Again - that's something we can assist with -- but you guys have to show some organizing chops. 40 people out of 1800 doesn't cut it - but it's a start if you can get even these 40 to act.