Thursday, January 1, 2015

Carol Burris - Tisch calls for an APPR system designed to fire more teachers -

Sheri Lederman, is a gifted and beloved fourth-grade teacher in Great Neck, New York. Her principal adores her and relies on her to help mentor her colleagues. Over twice as many of her students have met the state standard than the average percentage for the rest of the state. Sheri is also a scholar. She received the 2012 H. Alan Robinson Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation award for her research on how 10-year-olds learn science. Yet her growth score based on the results of student Common Core standardized tests found her to be an “ineffective” teacher... Carol Burris,
Tisch, Cuomo et al want to screw Sheri Lederman and many other teachers.
First a sincere Happy New Years. Very quietly this week, and without input from the rest of the Board of Regents, Tisch answered Cuomo's letter by proposing an APPR plan that doubles the weight of test scores for evaluation.  Here is my blog on it, seen through the perspective of a wonderful teacher who got an ineffective this year on that part of the score that Tisch says should now make her Ineffective overall.
Read, and then please share.  The implications for students, teachers, and principals  if this comes to pass would be enormous.

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