Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Tale of Two Cuomos at The Doenuts Blog

I was a poor twelve year old boy who had been left behind by Reaganomics when Mario Cuomospoke at the 1984 Democratic National Convention. I didn't realize this before the speech. But I never forgot it after....The Doenuts Blog
A remarkable read despite the fact I was not a fan of either Cuomo.

A Tale of Two Cuomos


Anonymous said...

"A remarkable read despite the fact I was not a fan of either Cuomo" Neither was I Norm.

I replied to a tweet from NY1theCall -- Memories of Mario Cuomo -- with "RIP but the only thing I remember about Mario Cuomo is that he was the 1st Dem. that I voted against. Still love @GovernorPataki"

Funny how Mario's son forced me to do it again. I know it's over and I need to just let it go but teachers would have been so much better off if Astorino got elected. He came around on his support for Charter Schools, he sent and Open Letter to NYS Teachers and I know he would have never made such a disgusting comment linking teachers to child molesters like Andy did. I don't think there is anything more revolting to be associated with than that.

I just don't know how we're going to make it through the next four years. I've never prayed for anyone to be indicted before, but I'm praying now.


ed notes online said...

Oy vey Mary. What are we going to do with you? Astorino was as anti-teacher and union as you could get. Better not to vote than vote for either of these guys.

Anonymous said...

Don't you "oy vey" me Norm! Astorino more anti-teacher than Andrew? No way! I absolutely disagree! Just read Astorino's letter to NYS teachers again:

Pay close attention to the third paragraph where he says : "I have heard your concerns over charter schools, and I agree that accountability within them is a must. I have supported charter schools in New York’s inner cities, but I recognize that better public schools must ultimately be the answer to New York’s education challenges. Governor Cuomo has taken millions of dollars from charter school backers and has no interest in accountability."

I was one of the teachers that spoke to him in an open forum about the charter school scam in NYC. I told him about Success being able to raise $7 million in one night of fundraising. I told him how because it was included in Gov. Cuomo's budget, NYC now had to pay the rent of these billionaire-backed charer schools WHILE NYC public school students sit in trailers! He geniunely listened and I knew by his reaction (he practically teared up) he heard me.

Nobody is going to be able to convince me that Andrew Cuomo and his plan to bust the "public-school monopoly" was a better choice than Astorino.. NOBODY!

As far as what to do with me?.. I suppose some might want to punch me in the nose but I'd rather just be accepted for having a different view of things than most of my blogger friends.

Happy New Year to you and your family... and your cat. :)


ed notes online said...

Forget what some right wing politician who is most likely a climate change denier said to you. You should have voted Green. I don;t believe any poltiicians or union leaders.