Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jia Lee - High Stakes Testing Meeting: April 8th Parent Meeting at The Earth School

Please join us as we discuss our questions, concerns and develop a common understanding of the high stakes tests looming upon our children. Feel free to forward, print and distribute this flyer. I apologize for not being able to get it translated into other languages with the time constraints.
Bring as many parents as possible, and they don't have to be in testing grades this year. Next year, they are planning to roll out the K-2 Standardized assessments. 

At the Earth School, we are planning to have two teachers present a statement. We are steadily moving towards a place where the tensions between the important work that we do with our students is being impacted to a detrimental degree because of high stakes testing. 

We look forward to coming to some answers and plans of action together. 

Parent and special education teacher
Jia Lee is one of the core activists in MORE and is running for UFT Executive Board, elementary school division. She is chapter leader at the Earth School on the lower east side.

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