Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Malcolm Smith, Another Charter School Crook, Takes a Fall

Today's news of Smith's arrest skips over the role he played in the charter
school playpen. Which goes to prove you can do anything you want when it comes to charter schools and get away with it but don't step on certain toes when it comes to getting in the way of the agenda of the 1% to put in their choice of mayor. I'll leave you to peruse the Ed Notes and Wave posts regarding Smith but make sure to check out the visit of our pals from Rochester on a very hot July day in 2010 to fight Smith's ed deform agenda attempt to turn the schools over to the mayor. James and Camille showed up for that I remember. (I have tape of that somewhere).

If we could only have the time to dig into Rhee and Klein there would be hope they end up doing a perp walk too.

(A teacher goofs for 10 seconds and it done it while these scam artists get away with it for years.)

See ednotes on smith below:

Feb 08, 2010
There have been many disquieting stories about State Senator Malcolm Smith, who serves as both the Senate's President and our representative to the legislative body. Any one of the stories, taken alone, should be enough ...
Mar 21, 2010
Only two years ago, the charter school founded by Senate President Malcolm Smith was housed inside a spacious public school 3 miles away in Far Rockaway. The official reason for the relocation was "increased enrollment" ...
Jul 06, 2010
We met a great bunch of resistance fighters from Rochester today who made the long trip down to rally in front of Malcolm Smith's offices in Queens and Manhattan because of his attempt to get the NY State Senate to shove ...
Jan 12, 2012
More unusual, the Times piece left out the fact that State Senator Malcolm Smith was the founder of the school and despite denials of still having connections to the school, people in Rockaway believe his influence is still felt.
Apr 09, 2011
The Wave of Rockaway reports on the actions of Peninsula Prep Academy Charter, a Rockaway school founded by State Senator Malcolm Smith - talk about scams - in a front page article by Editor Howard Schwach, ...
Jan 26, 2009
NY State Senate leader Malcolm Smith runs a charter school about 2 miles away that is based in quonset huts. Maybe they'll figure out a way to move that school into PS 225. Who knows? Parents and teachers know the key ...
May 28, 2010
One thing I know, State Senator Malcolm Smith's scandalous Peninsula Prep charter, along with all his other scandals, has smoked him out and into social service work. Vying for the Nobel Peace Prize, he is personally going ...
Jan 20, 2010
(See ya soon Helen.) I can't leave you without talking about State Senator Malcolm Smith. The charter school he founded in Rockaway stands to benefit from the Beach Channel HS closing. A Daily News article pointed to how ...

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