Thursday, April 25, 2013

UFT Election 10AM Update: Ballots Being Opened, Middle Schools Counted First

We expect to have middle school results fairly early as they count the smallest returns. High schools will be next.

I will update this post when results are in and repost. As a reference, let's look back to the last election. (And further back if you want --

Middle school slate results in 2010:
Mailed: 11,697
Returned: 2,881
Unity: 1,981
New Action: 441
ICE/TJC: 248

ICE/TJC was so weak in the middle schools in that election, they could not even run a middle school slate and basically ended up ignoring that division. But really, all caucuses did poorly. Even Unity with all its control of chapter leaders, and with flooding the boxes gets less than 3000 votes out of almost 12000 sent out. Don't Give a Crap won once again.

Middle School 2013 results will be published below when available.

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