Monday, September 15, 2014

Another March and Why I Ain't Marchin' Anymore - Unless People are going to a bar afterwards

So after sitting through a meeting on Saturday where the Staten Island march for Eric Garner was raised to the level of the most important civil rights issue of our time - and you were basically supporting racism if you were not there - as about 7 million people weren't - including a few million black people and probably about 35,000 black NYC teachers - I will take this time to reiterate why I ain't marchin' anymore - though I never did much marchin' at any point. BECAUSE THEY DO LITTLE GOOD AND ARE BASICALLY FEEL GOOD EVENTS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE FRUSTRATED.

And I am not frustrated - I just start building stuff in my garden or go to the gym - which I am about to do - when I feel frustrated.

Except for the left so-called vanguard political entities. They love marches and always try to get the mass organizations they work in to support any march they can. Why? Because they can get their troops out to sell their newspapers - since most people don't pay attention to these groups  - marches are their chance to shine.

Well, there is another march this Saturday - for the climate. I actually think that the more people who march, the worse the climate will get from all that heavy breathing and stamping and speechifying.

But I might go just to hang with people I like - as long as I get a beer out of it at the end of the day.

Please forward this message widely!

Parents, Families, Teachers-- Join us for the People’s Climate March!

On September 21st, people will be marching in NYC and in cities around the world demanding that our leaders take action on climate change and stand up for future generations. Join us for this beautiful and historic moment.

How can you get more involved?

Parents and Students: Sign up to be a School Captain to get the word out at your school. The school with the most #selfies at the climate march will win a $5,000 Sustainability Grant for their school! Teachers and School Admin can sign up to be a School Captain too!

Teachers: Download our Teacher’s Toolkit! (available at

This toolkit includes sample lesson plans about climate change, a parent’s flyer, and info about the School Contest.

Know a teacher? Please send them this toolkit! We need to get this into as many educators’ hands as possible before September 21st.

If you want color flyers delivered to your school for free, please fill out this flyer request form: Free Flyer Request Form

Attached you'll find a flyer for the School Contest, as well as color and b&w versions of our Parent's Flyer.

Thanks! Please reach out if you have any questions, comments or ideas for distribution. :-)

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