Monday, September 29, 2014

MORE Takes a Stand Against Eva Moskowitz at Hearings - Last Monday and Today in Manhattan

Thanks so much to all of you dear sisters and brothers who organized around getting folks out or going to the charter school hearing on Monday. These pics from DNAinfo are worth a thousand words and clearly show who's active and ready in the fight for Public Ed! So proud to wake up and see this today, so proud to stand in solidarity with all of you! 
A gaggle of 9 MOREistas attended the hearing last

Monday in Brooklyn as Eva intends to invade more gentrified areas in Districts 13, 14, and 15. The CEC presidents of all these districts, joined by District 23, are working together to address the charter problem. Noted Connecticut charter scoundrel Steve Perry, strangely, attended the hearing but left when MORE's Gloria Brandman did her "Eva the witch" impersonation.
MORE's Pat Dobosz with CEC14 Tesa Wilson behind her

Most of us spoke and the community people were very happy we were there to support them. Here's the full video with all of the speeches, followed by the announcement of today's hearing on 7th Ave in Manhattan.

See news story at

Charter Hearings Monday 9/29

MORE Caucus

PLEASE join us tomorrow today.
333 7th ave, 7th floor Conference Room NYC
A public hearing is being held to solicit comments regarding a new charter school application. Success Academy proposes to open 14 new charter schools in various 
Community School Districts (CSDs) in New York City.

Success Academy Charter School NYC 1 & 2 have expressed interest in opening in CSDs 2 & 3. 

Speaker Registration: 5:30pm
Hearing starts at 6:00pm

Stand with public school parents,
students and teachers!

Once again we are here to Say NO to the displacement of public schools by charter schools.


*Public schools with limited financial support, forced to compete against charter schools with
ample funds for the newest resources
*Overcrowding as schools deal with fewer rooms
*Competition between schools for access to the school's libraries, gyms, auditoriums, and cafeterias
*Parents pitted against parents in the same neighborhoods due to inequitable funding between charters and the district public schools.
*Increased importance of high-stakes tests to determine the future of students and teachers
*The excessing of quality teachers into the ATR pool of rotating teachers, as fewer rooms mean
fewer classroom teachers
+Separate and unequal Schooling for our students!

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  1. no one likes eva moskowitch and no one wants her fake students with their fake scores,,,Moskowitz makes 500 thousand a schools chancellor makes half


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