Monday, September 22, 2014

Success Academy Charter School Teachers Overwhelmingly White - Higher % Than NYCDOE Schools

59% of NYC DOE teachers are white. Check out the astounding numbers of white teachers in the Success Charter school chain obtained by the Teacher Diversity Committee. If this were Birmingham in 1964 there would be lunch counter protests. Or better yet, if it were 1864 there would be calls to close down the plantations.

Tonight at 5:30 there will be a hearing on more Eva controlled plantation-like schools in central/north Brooklyn. Details below.

Stop the Expansion of Apartheid Schooling in New York City
The information below was obtained by the Teachers Diversity Committee (TDC) of NYC from Success Academy charter schools that responded to our request.  The percentage of white teachers at each Success Academy School is listed below for the 2013-2014 school year:
SA Cobble Hill 82%
SA Crown Heights 57%
SA Fort Green 100%
SA Harlem I 73%
SA Harlem II 63%
SA Harlem III 61%
SA Harlem IV 56%
SA Harlem V 76%
SA Hell’s Kitchen 89%
SA Prospect Heights 91%
SA Upper West 82%
SA Williamsburg 71%
SA Bed-Stuy II 80%
SA Bronx I 74%
SA Bronx II 66%
In 2012 58.6% of teachers in the NYC public schools were white.  Out of the 15 Success Academy Charter schools listed above, 13 out of 15 have a higher percentage of white teachers than was the city wide average for public schools in NYC.
According to a study prepared by Gary Orfield and reported on in the NYC Daily News (3/27/14):
“Schools in New York suffer from the worst racial segregation of any U.S. state, and city schools also earn depressingly dismal marks for diversity, a damning report released Wednesday said.  Many black and Hispanic kids in New York attend schools with almost no white classmates, according to the paper from the Civil Rights Project at the University of California at Los Angeles.  City charter schools showed even higher segregation rates, with less than 1% white enrollment at 73% of charters. “To create a whole new system that’s even worse than what you’ve got really takes some effort,” said Gary Orfield, an author of the report.”(
The mandate to expand charters is increasing racial segregation of students and decreasing teacher diversity in NYC schools overall. 
We call on The New York State Charter School Institute to: 1) Implement a moratorium on all further charter school approvals 2) Stop the expansion of apartheid schooling in NYC and 3) Take affirmative steps to increase teacher diversity in all NYC charter schools.
Note:  The NYC DOE informed us that they do not collect teacher diversity data from Charter Schools and we were told to direct our requests to the Charter organizations.  Success Academy required us to ask each individual school in their network to provide the information.  Teachers Diversity Committee of NYC obtained the data above only after separate requests were made to each Success Academy school.  The request was for all years but only 2013-14 was provided.  A number of Success Academy Charter schools declined to respond to our requests. To support Teacher Diversity in NYC public and charter schools contact:  

Notice of Public Hearing
A public hearing is being held to solicit comments regarding new charter school applications. Success Academy proposes to open 14 new charter schools in New York City. Success Academy has expressed an interest in serving one of many districts in New York City. The Community School Districts in which Success Academy Charter School NYC 5, 6, & 7 have expressed interest in opening include 13, 14, & 15.
Date: Time:
Location: Details:
September 22, 2014
Speaker Sign in: 5:30 PM
Presentation, Questions, Comments: 6:00 PM

P.S. 133 William A. Butler 610 Baltic Street Brooklyn, NY 11217
This public hearing is open to anyone interested in providing public comment about the proposed charter school applications for each Success Academy Charter School NYC 5, 6, & 7.
Success Academy Charter Schools NYC 5 is planning to open in Fall
2016. Proposed enrollment and grades served are as follows in the 5th year: 675 students in grades K - 5.

Success Academy Charter Schools NYC 6 is planning to open in Fall
2016. Proposed enrollment and grades served are as follows in the 5th year: 675 students in grades K - 5.

Success Academy Charter Schools NYC 7 is planning to open in Fall
2016. Proposed enrollment and grades served are as follows in the 5th year: 675 students in grades K - 5.

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