Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Eva Moskowitz Success Academy - Changes Locks on Renovated Faculty Restrooms to Shut Public School Teachers Out

My solution? Pee on the outside of the door.

A co-located public school teacher in an Eva invaded school. By the way, sources tell me that in this Success School you will find a hell of a lot of white kids, a bunch of them Jewish out of a Hebrew school - not corroborated - yet. Eva used the kids of color as a step to go where she really wants to go ---

Inside Colocation

The public school where I've been teaching for over ten years has been "colocated" by a Success Academy charter school. Most people don't know what a colocation looks like, or how it impacts the existing school community. I've been maintaining this blog since Success first moved in to document the process. 

The faculty bathrooms in the basement (where Success Academy has taken up residence) have been fully redone, as you can see on the left. The faculty bathrooms on all the other floors desperately need upgrades too, as you can see on the right. Not only did Success have their bathrooms refurbished, but they also managed to have the locks changed so that the building master key does not work on the basement bathrooms, keeping any other teachers in the building out of these new bathrooms. This effectively has turned the basement faculty bathrooms in this public building into private restrooms for Success.

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