Friday, September 19, 2014

Girls Prep Charter Takes Kids Not Picked Up on Time to Local Precinct, Threatens Parents with Administration of Childrens Services

Girls Prep can order these for Pre-k
Girls Prep has figured out a way to start the school to prison pipeline in pre-k. Children first in the world of charters.


  1. Did someone send this picture to the police officers at the 5th precinct? They might want to know that they have become the designated babysitters after 3:45 PM. I wonder what they would say about this. We should send it to them.

  2. Kind of ironic that they are so hardcore about kicking kids out when they probably keep their teachers working there till midnight.

  3. I thought this was standard procedure. I know my former public school principal used to do the same thing when parents didn't show up by a certain time.


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