Friday, September 26, 2014

NYC Teacher Steve Ryan's Play - A Beautiful Mourning - At Manhattan Rep Theatre Oct. 16, 17

The boy can act, sing dance - and now we learn Steve Ryan, a teacher at Leon Goldstein HS in Brooklyn, a colleague and pal of Kit Wainer and Mike Schirtzer (and a MORE supporter) can also write. His play will be featured at Manhattan Rep for 2 days next month.

Steve is also appearing this weekend (tonight, tomorrow and Sunday matinee) in Godspell at the RTC. One of the fun things is when Steve's students come out to see him perform - their reactions to their teacher doing all kinds of shtick is often very funny.

Steve sent along this message:
Read the bottom of the flyer if you want to reserve for "series A"   It is a 50 seat theater.  Tell him what show you are reserving for.  Both nights start at 6:30pm.  Get there early because they start promptly. Hope you can come! 

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