Wednesday, September 10, 2014


So this is the core of MORE organizing this upcoming year -- forming local groups at the district level that will meet during the week after school. I view these meetings as more important than the MORE monthly meetings where too many people try to outdo each other in telling everyone how anti-racist they are. I go to the monthlies for the post-meeting happy hours.

Local Educator Support

by morecaucusnyc
UFT members in need of assistance please email:
Contact us if you need support to:
-          mobilize your union chapter
-          run in the 2015 UFT Chapter Leader elections
-          challenge tenure denial
-          report contract violations
-          deal with an abusive administration
-          fight against infringements of members’ and/or students’ rights
-          file grievances
-          fight back against forced charter co-locations
You will be able to consult with one of our experienced chapter leaders. MORE can also help set up a meeting near your school. In the past, we have organized one-to-one phone calls, local happy hours, lunch meetings, study groups, and after-school diner meetings.
Contact MORE Local Educator Support in full confidentiality.
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