Monday, September 1, 2014

It's an exhausting enterprise getting rid of a principal, especially when you get NO help from 52 Broadway

Murry Bergtraum has a new principal. MOREista Chapter Leader John Elfrank-Dana helped lead the battle. The principal mis-used the data to target teachers.

I know people are impatient and unhappy over the slow pace of replacing the Bloomberg supervisor appointee horror stories. Of course, having our union be pals with the CSA, the bosses' union, doesn't help.
Like call Ernie Logan and say "Tell your people to stop the crap or there will be consequences."

If you are in such a school think about how to take action. If you want assistance contact me at and I'll connect you with people who might be able to help you do what John did.
It's an exhausting enterprise getting rid of a principal, especially when you get NO help from 52 Broadway. Our chapter is exhausted.
Below is my angry email to Mulgrew.
Here's the link to our video of our PEP bombardment that seemed to pay off:

Question is: Will the UFT fight the ratings of teachers who were in a school so poorly managed with programming debacles and test administration issues that it calls into question the validity of measuring teachers based on MOSL. Furthermore, how about counting the MOTP scores of teachers whose APPR complaints were never addressed by the administration?

John Elfrank-Dana
UFT Chapter Leader
Murry Bergtraum High School

Dear Michael,

As you can see we did it again. What I mean by "we" is the Murry Bergtraum High School Chapter and not 52. The PINI article on Lewis four years ago was a good start for us. But, since then the UFT has acquired a peculiar tolerance for abusive administrators. When I hear them called "union brothers and sisters" at meeting at 52 by your staff I have grave concerns considering the grief they cause our members on a daily basis. 

Yes, we worked with the NY Post, because we were left for dead by 52. All of this MBO insistence on "playing well with others" is a joke when there's no good will and dishonesty on the other side. DRs cannot be social workers Michael. I need someone to pound the table. The litany of harassment complaints, safety complaints, and grievances that faded into the ether, and now APPR abuses make me wonder if you head a dues collection agency rather than a union. You can hide behind member apathy in other schools, but Bergtraum teachers don't throw their UFT election ballots in the trash. 

52 now has an opportunity to show it's still a union. The systematic mismanagement of our school calls into question the validity of many things. We will be in touch with what we expect to happen.

bcc: Members, Bergtraum Community


  1. Great story and conclusion kudos to the chapter and CL. We have been under a similar assault at Automotive High School with an ineffective Chapter Leader and the network New Visions (Randi and Mike on their Board of Directors and Leo Casey a financial supporter-check out their website) supporting this miscreant of a principal one Caterina Lafergola-Stanzcuk. She may have a problem as we also have informed the media in fact tomorrow page 2 NY Post offers a glimpse into the bizarre actions by the principal someone the CSA described as Santa Caterina in their newsletter a few months back. This story should draw the attention of DeBlasio-Farina as it involves test irregularities and Brooklyn Tech's reputation. Please advise your readers when confirmed.


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