Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bernie Michigan Win Bodes Ill For Hillary in General Election

MSNBC was shocked that Muslims in Dearborn would vote for a Jew (in my neighborhood in Queens, Muslims vote in large numbers for my gay Jewish city councilman), that African-Americans in the Northern cities vote differently than in the rural South, or that blue collar whites would vote for a socialist.
538 said Hillary had a 99% chance of winning Michigan, but careful! You know how those Greek tragedies go when people think they've defied the Oracle... Kevin Prosen, MORE
Despite the media bias against Bernie - The Washington Post Ran 16 Negative Stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 Hours - Bernie won Michigan. [See below for links to all these stories]. So funny how the two most attacked candidates by the pundits and liberal press are Bernie and Donald. Maybe they should run as a tag-team.

I was shocked last night as the results came in from Michigan. I saw them as doom for Hillary and her surrogates like Randi. Not doom in terms of getting the nomination. With the super delegates that is a foregone conclusion. But the reality behind Bernie's resilience is a giant thumbs down on Hillary.

Now what I hear in the media is: Bernie surprise in Michigan, Hillary wins big in Mississippi.  WTF! Are these 2 states even equivalent in any way in terms of the general election? Someone pointed out that the colleges in Michigan are on spring break and that Bernie would have won even more decisively.

Scare tactics only go so far. And fear of Cruz or Trump seems to be making the Democrats confident that they can get the Bernie supporters to go for Hillary in desperation. Don't count those chickens just yet.

Imagine if Bernie wins more elected delegates and loses the nomination to the super delegates like Randi? How about the teachers who support Bernie and never got a chance to advocate for him in deliberations for which candidate the union would support? I can tell you they are pissed. And maybe pissed to such an extent as to sit out the election. Or vote for Jill Stein. People who follow this stuff know full well Hillary is an ed deformer and has been for 35 years. They just won't vote for another deformer like Obama.

Last night made me think that Trump can beat Hillary. You might be saying Oy Vey but wait till you read my post later or tomorrow where I delve into the issue of whether Trump is more supportive of the working class than Hillary. Just see how many people - Democrats especially - are saying they could support Trump or Bernie - like mixing matter and anti-matter and getting a political explosion.

The assault against Bernie:
All of these posts paint his candidacy in a negative light, mainly by advancing the narrative that he’s a clueless white man incapable of winning over people of color or speaking to women. Even the one article about Sanders beating Trump implies this is somehow a surprise—despite the fact that Sanders consistently out-polls Hillary Clinton against the New York businessman.

And Bernie won Michigan. Just wait until New York when the UFT machine tries to get teachers to make calls for Hillary and gets slammed.

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  1. I made my decision. Not sure about any other Bernie supporters but if I have to choose between Trump and Hilary I hold my nose and vote for Trump. I'd rather cut off my nose than vote for Hilary. I will not reward corporate whore democrats with my vote. Roseanne McCosh


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