Thursday, March 31, 2016

Farina's Heavy Hand Comes Down on High Opt Out Schools; Senator Bill Perkins Parent Know Your Opt Out Options Forum

Some high Opt out schools from last year have been "spoken too" and principals told to get those numbers down. In some cases, the campaigns have turned ugly, targeting teachers viewed as pro-opt out. We have even witnessed the race card being pulled by some principals - the charge that opt out is a white led movement designed to keep black kids from their right to take tests - tests that label them and sort them. I actually heard a parent say this at an opt out forum and even have it on tape. It seemed pretty clear to many of us she was a plant by the anti-opt out principal.

We cannot get into specifics in order to protect the teachers but at some point some of these stories will break as some ed reporters have shown interest. MORE has been on the case behind the scenes offering advice and support along with Change the Stakes parents.

The heavy hand of Farina -
Bill Perkins from Harlem is offering parents an opportunity to get more information about opt out - and who would have thought a year ago that the very discussion of opt out would come to Harlem?
It's time for all NYC parents to know their rights.  Join this important discussion, just in time!

Please Join NYS Senator Bill Perkins, 30th District and Education Committee, CB10
For a discussion with concerned parents and community leaders regarding the ins and outs with students "opting out" of the upcoming NYS Common Core Tests
Saturday, April 2 at 10 am
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building
Conference Room B
RSVP to Cordell Cleare at 212.222.7315

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