Monday, March 21, 2016

Betty Rosa In, Tisch Out - Ding Dong

Dr. Betty Rosa just elected Chancellor of the Regents!

The tabloids are crying that this is the end of ed deform.
Kudos to Leonie Haimson whose hard work played a role in making this happen.

A little celebratory ditty from Fred Smith
Merryl T we roll along
Roll along, roll along.
Merryl T we'll roll along;
Your Core was Level I.

Betty's here to right the wrongs.
May she stay strong where she belongs.
Betty's here to fight the wrongs
And she speaks the truth.

Betty's here. She knows the score.
'Bout Common Core and much more.
Betty's here. She's Level 4.
At last we have real hope.



  1. You should leave your previous post up for a few days, it's important - more people need to read it.

  2. The celebrations are premature. As long as Endless Testing is still in place, all is well with ed reform.

    Abigail Shure

  3. Cuomo still holds ALL the cards. Hate to bust anyones bubble, but that is the fact.


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