Thursday, March 24, 2016

Katie Lapham, #MORE2016 Elementary School Ex Bd Candidate Slams Fariña's 3/15/16 letter to parents

How how much do I love the MORE people on our slate.
My latest blog post is a reaction to Fariña's 3/15/16 letter to parents about the tests. It is very specific to NYC and offers parents opt out reasons & resources. Please share widely.

I quote Kemala, Jamaal, Anna Allanbrook and mention NYC Opt Out, Change the Stakes, MORE and the UFT elections, Teachers of Conscience, Jia Lee
.... Katie Lapham, MORE Elementary School Ex Bd Candidate
So do a lot of other people love what Katie wrote:

Thank you, Katie. Posting ASAP. READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO ALONG WITH NY STATE's DETRIMENTAL TESTING PROGRAM! If you have had enough, then ‪#‎optout2016‬... Parent Edith B.

Wow Katie!! Amazing work. Definitely a good place to send people who are on the fence and who claim they really want to do their homework before deciding.
.......Dani :)

WONDERFUL!  This parent thanks you !!!!... Jeff Nichols, CUNY Prof.

NYC Parents: Here’s the TRUTH about the 2016 NYS Tests

New York City parents may be hearing that the New York State (NYS) Common Core math and ELA (English-language arts) tests will be better this year and are of value to educators and students.
This does not tell the whole story.  Here’s the truth about the 2016 NYS tests. 

 MORE at:

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