Monday, March 7, 2016

Chilling or Laughable? Is Opt Out Movement Being Viewed as Form of Terrorism?

Illinois launches investigation into opt out students and their teachers...

This is almost funny. Almost. The greatest threat to the ed deform agenda is clearly the opt out movement.

Speaking of which, TODAY:

Monday Mar 7 @PS 84K - Williamsburg/Greenpoint District 14 Panel on NY State Testing/Opting Out

250 Berry St. - I'll be there.

For more information about Opting Out, visit: or

In the latest twist on opting out, the state launched an investigation into why so many kids in certain districts skipped state exams last year. The so-called inquiry would include questioning school staff, community members, parents and "even students if appropriate," according to a Feb. 18 letter sent to districts from state schools Superintendent Tony Smith.
The state elaborated on those plans in a Feb. 19 letter to the U.S. Department of Education, saying that "ISBE will also publicize an email address to which individuals can anonymously report information relating to a school district not meeting the 95 percent participation rate." Federal law requires that at least 95 percent of students in schools and districts take both English language arts and math state exams.
ISBE also told the federal government that it would be looking at whether "school personnel improperly influenced a student to refuse to engage in a test," which could be considered unprofessional conduct and lead to disciplinary action against an educator's license. School districts as a whole also could be in trouble if they "chose to exclude or encouraged students not to take PARCC or engaged in other inappropriate conduct," the letter stated.

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