Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dennis Walcott to Head Queens Libraries - Burn Your Card

At City Council hearings about 6-7 years ago a student testified that, when she asked then-Chancellor Walcott why the library in her school was being shut down, he told her the students didn't need a library. I hope he doesn't feel the same way about the citizens of Queens..... a NYC Parent
This is one of those "How dare they" moments.
Queens residents burn library cards to protest Walcott appointment
Former NYC chancellor Dennis Walcott, who vociferously defended the appointment of Cathy Black who preceded him, had another gig. Running the library system I use on a regular basis. Walcott is your standard apparatchik, a man who will defend any policy no matter how harmful it is.

For 12 years he was Bloomberg's valet (there are other terms I could use but this is a family blog).

Yes, Bloomberg who savaged the library systems in this city with massive budget cuts that forced libraries to cancel Saturday hours, something which the Queens library system has been able to re-institute due to funding by Di Blasio.

I saw Walcott in action at school closings, PEP meetings and other events too many times and the very idea that this guy has anything to do with a service I use regularly will make me want to take a shower every time I take a book out of the library. But then again my wife says that is a good outcome of Walcott's appointment.

Dennis Walcott, the former chancellor of New York City schools and a Queens native, is the new president and chief executive officer of the Queens Library. New York Times, NY1, DNAinfo

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QUEENS, NY – Borough President Melinda Katz stated the following in response to questions about the Queens Library Board of Trustees’ selection of former NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott as the new President and CEO of the Queens Library:

“At its core, the Queens Library exists to serve its educational purpose as a community hub of learning, literacy and culture for millions of families. Queens is grateful to the Board of Trustees for their dedication in convening an extensive search and selection process for the new President and CEO. I have full faith in the direction and future of the Library, and look forward to the great things to come under Dennis’ leadership.”


  1. Any announcement yet on the plan to close branches who don't collect late fees and lose too many books?? I hear he's planning something for the under perking ones.

  2. I really hope that indeed he starts spreadsheets to give a model of "best librarian", based upon the number of books checked out, late fees accrued, and library patron surveys to add value to librarian evaluation! If only we could somehow fire the bad librarians, Americans may turn off reality tv and read more. It will be very important during his tenure for him to seem interested in public comments, and given the fact he lacks a library science degree, makes no difference. This is a business.


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