Sunday, March 13, 2016

#MORE2016 @NYCORE: Building a Teacher Movement Through the UFT Elections

MORE and Change the Stakes is involved in 3 workshops at next week's NYCORE conference which is expected to attract a 1000 attendees. I'll be there taping the keynote and hanging out with lots of good people.  Here is the message sent out by Presidential candidate Jia Lee.

Dear Friends!

MORE is excited to be hosting, once again, at NYCoRE's Conference Day, held on Saturday, March 19th (9:30-6:00)
Location: James Baldwin School, 351 West 18th Street Manhattan, NY 10011

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Workshop Session 2 (2-3:30): Building a Teacher Movement Through the UFT Elections ECE, MH 106 

The 2016 UFT Elections this April is an opportunity to organize and mobilize rank and file teachers in NYC. Last election, less than 20% of active members voted. This is indicative of a mass sentiment of disempowerment and lack of voice in our union and profession. Join the Movement of Rank and File educators for a discussion on the nuts and bolts of the election, as well as a historical context. Participants will collaborate around strategies to get out the vote and to spark conversations at their schools around how our working conditions directly impact our students’ learning conditions.

AND PLEASE JOIN US FOR THIS IMPORTANT DISCUSSION! It's time to put an end to Receivership NOW! 

Workshop Session 3 (3:45-5:15pm): Receivership Schools: Stop the Policy NOW! MH, ECE 101

Under recently passed laws, schools that are categorized as falling in the bottom 5% of “low performing” schools can be placed into receivership, where the state will appoint an “independent receiver.” This can be a person or organization, including a charter chain, to run the school.  The receiver has authority to change the calendar, dictate instructional approaches and remove staff. Of the 144 schools on the NYS Receivership list, 62 of them in NYC. Members of the NYS Receivership and NYC Renewal Schools Action Group and Change the Stakes are working together to discredit and end the NYS Receivership policy.
Aixa Rodriguez: Teaches ESL at Foreign Language Academy for Global Studies,in the Bronx. Jane Maisel: Member of Change the Stakes & teaches in School of Education at CCNY.

AND Please Join the parents and educators of NYC Opt Out 

Workshop Session 1: (11:15-12:45) NYC Opt Out: This is the Crucial Year!

Last spring approximately 20% of NYS families opted out of the Grade 3-8 high stakes tests. Despite all our efforts to stop NYS Education Department’s damaging policies, the only protest the NYSED has noticed is Opt Out. In response, NYSED has recently tried to stifle protest with a combination of threats and superficial changes, while leaving in place the most damaging aspects of high stakes testing, which hit low-income communities hardest. In this practical session we will share strategies and plan together. Those from outside NYC are also welcome. It’s time to finally end high stakes testing!  

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