Monday, March 28, 2016

Chalkbeat Treats Campbell Brown Led Ed Deform Site as Legit News Source

The new venture, cofounded by the former CNN and NBC News anchor, is not ashamed about having an agenda. One key part of its toolkit: using video to create a “Waiting for Superman”-like impact on the discussion around education....
Chalkbeat continues misleading people by not revealing the people who back  The 74, the anti-public education and anti-union site backed by ed deformer in chief, Campbell Brown. Chalkbeat has 2 stories today which shockingly point to security issues in NYC schools, echoing the other ed deform group FES. The goal is to taint De Blasio to such an extent that another Bloomberg type will be the next mayor and will pretty much finish off what Bloomberg started. But then again when your funding sources are the same why go there? Here are today's 2 stories:
New York City employs more school security staffers than counselors, as do Chicago, Miami, and Houston. The 74

Parents in Queens' District 28, where two students recently brought guns into schools, praised school officials but complained that bullying is going unchecked. The 74
When I was first contacted by a reporter I checked some background.

Can Campbell Brown's education news site walk the advocacy–journalism tightrope?

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