Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mindy Rosier, MORE Candidate for UFT Education VP, Leads Protest Against Eva At Harvard Club

You'll note that Mindy represented the only caucus in the UFT that was present. Eva Moskowitz who aims to control 100 schools is the single biggest threat to teacher jobs -- how many has she taken already? You may be an ATR because of Eva and your school may have been under-resourced and closed because of her. And entire school buildings are falling into her hands.

Mindy's school came under attack by Eva and Mindy helped lead the fight and that fight was so strong it was one of the few spots that de Blasio stood up to Eva - and suffered severe political attacks.

The important point is that Mindy, like many other MOREs, take up the battles in their schools. Mindy is also very active in the Bernie campaign and is running for a delegate at the convention.

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