Monday, September 1, 2008

Must See Video: You Are Surrounded - Put Down Those Video Cameras

UPDATE: Read a full account of the raid here.

Thus saith the FBI and police in St. Paul as they surround a house rented by a New York based journalist team from I-Witness Video Collective in a further demonstration of democracy inaction as prep for the Republican convention. We had our own joys with the NYC police at the Republican convention 4 years ago when they arrested numerous people illegally and ended up dropping most of the charges (the law suits still coming up.) BUT THESE ARE JOURNALISTS. You see that happen in Central American tin-horn dictatorships. Well, now that I think of it.... What next, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove death squads in the middle of the night? I'm locking my screen door.

But having journalists report on their own situation is a priceless ad for American democracy as a woman in handcuffs (for walking out of the house) is interviewed and the police break in though the attic (without a proper warrant), point guns at people and handcuff them.

Here is the direct link

Thanks to Fred Klonsky at Prea Prez for putting this up.

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  1. It appears that Amendments I and IV of the US Constitution are being brazenly violated by St. Paul police. This is not what democracy looks like...this is what fascism looks like. I hope these journalists do not give up. Unfortunately, whole world is not watching; this is not Grant Park, Chicago, in 1968.


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