Monday, September 22, 2008

The PR Assault on ATR's Begins

Tim Daly of the New Teacher Project, is out with another assault on ATR's. (See 3 articles in NYC papers I posted on Norms Notes.) He had a similar report back in May '08 (see links below to 3 Ed Notes posts at the time.) Daly feels any teacher who can't find a job within 12 months should be put on unpaid leave. That the city hired 5000 new teachers with a 1000 senior, higher salaried teachers, many who tried to apply for jobs but found little interest, possibly due to these very same salaries, is not a factor to Daly.

As the organization with a $4 million contract to recruit and train new teachers, Daly has a big dog in the race. But he is "concerned" about the costs of carrying these ATR's. I do not see the connection. Why would the NTP get invlolved with this issue if not for the fact that if ATR's were hired before new teachers were hired, Daly's contract would be endangered. Oh what will he do when all senior teachers are gone? Why there will be a new generation of senior (relatively) with high salaries to go after.

I guess part of the $4 million is to lead the PR assault on ATR's that BloomKlein hope will pressure the UFT to give them up.

What do you think most teachers feel about the odds of the UFT succumbing to public pressure? (See comments from ATR's in previous posts.)

As a union that wants to be viewed as "progressive" and willing to be part of the ed reform movement, especially with Randi Weingarten's new national stature as president of the AFT, all balls are in the air.

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Here is the list I printed in May of all the people the NTP has to support with that DOE money.

NYC Teaching Fellows [support]
Lesley Guggenheim, Program Director
Joseph Bywater, Senior Director of Operations
Gabriela Calderon, Selection Lead
Chris Casarez, Director of Placement
Dan Cayer, Recruiter
Alissa Ginsberg, Selection Lead
Paul Hawkins, Director of Technology
Kathryn Hayes, Director of Training and Support: Instructional Quality
Ellen Hur, Director of Marketing and Recruitment
Brandeis Johnson, Director of Training and Support: Development and Design
Jennifer Lee, Operations Associate
Kimberly McCann Fultz, Operations Team Manager
Michelle Mercado, Director of Selection
Crystal McQueen, Pre-Service Training Coordinator
Lindsey Payson, Training and Support Coordinator
Kristen Rasmussen, Communications Team Manager
Lindsey Reu, Communications Manager
Nahid Sorooshyari, Selection Lead
Deborah Teng, Marketing Lead
Liren Teng, Operations Associate
Maria Uruchima, Training and Support Associate
Melody Vargas, Placement Lead
Alice Walkiewicz, Placement Lead
Jessica Wedge, Recruiter

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