Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Broads Breed

ENN is reporting the Eli and Edyth Broad (pronounced Brood) Foundation, the source of so much funding in undermining the urban public school systems (BloomKlein won the Broad prize for education "improvement" last year), has just given a whopping $400 million to a genetic institute, a joint venture by Harvard and MIT.

The money will be used to study the type of genetics that would produce teachers capable of eliminating the achievement gap.

"This is the cutting area of research. There is no more important issue the world faces than finding quality teachers and that will never happen without some genetic intervention," said a spokesperson.

Genetic manipulation of pre-determined embryos is expected to produce teachers who will:
  • work 14 hour days without interruption
  • teach class sizes of 40 and up without complaining
  • never join a union

All candidates will be sterilized to assure they never have their own children who might interfere with the primary mission- to create millions of super human quality teachers.

Read the NY Times article here.

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