Monday, September 1, 2008

Ed Reformers Urge Vow of Celibacy for New Army of Teachers (spoof)

In a new initiative, new teachers would be required to renounce marriage in order to devote themselves more fully to the task of preparing each and every child to excel in standardized test-taking.

Another brilliant parody. Already there are some Socrates-like idiot comments on this Eggplant post from Tauna at This Little Blog. How dare someone parody KIPP - boo, hoo. Have you ever been in a KIPP school - sniff, sniff! Susan O also has it up on her site.

Tauna is not far from reality as we are seeing in NYC where young urban dwellers without family commitments are preferred over parents who might actually have to leave school on time (often to a suburb with a long commute where they can afford a house) to go home and care for their children. Any stats on how many KIPP teachers have children of their own?

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