Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A tale of the UFT and non-union building

Need to Run a Chapter Leader Election?

Some teachers have returned to school to find their chapter leader has resigned, been excessed, hung. Sometimes they contact the union to find out what to do. It's sort of left to someone conscious enough to take action. Sometimes, since there is no one in charge, they don't and the principal can just give out those parking permits as they wish. And do some other crap too.

Now one would think the UFT machinery would provide schools with an automatic method of handing this situation. An election for chapter leader should be held immediately but the UFT is so missing in action at this crucial moment in the school year. I guess they have other fish to fry (hint - look for a large green dot) than worrying about schools being left hanging without a union rep.

frying fish at the UFT

Some district reps take some initiative and set up a load of info.

Others respond with: "They are out of the kits and have ordered more. When it arrives, I will mail it to you."

Now this is one dumb (or lazy) district rep. (Why worry if a school has no union rep?) Maybe he thinks the kit comes in a box.

The ICE web site (not the blog) has the scanned "kit" downloadable in a pdf. (6th item on left hand panel.)

Maybe I missed it but I wish the UFT web site had the elusive "kit." If anyone wants to go on a scavenger hunt to find it, let us know.

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  1. You did not miss anything. I went looking for that kit, it's not on the UFT site. Then I emailed some ICE buddies, and it was in my hands a second or so after they got my email.

    Interestingly, it's the same kind of union stupidity that made Weingarten jump in and agree with the person who said there is so much wasted paper handed out at the DA. RW: I agree with you. We should have a recycle bin. (I wrote about that last April: Sheep meadow: Going green at the DA.) I thought at the time: Aren't delegates and CLs there to bring the literature back to their chapters? Must have skipped Weingarten's mind.

    I'm not convinced the rank-and-file is much on her mind anyway. She's really only interested in that magic number of people that'll rubber stamp what she's pushing for at any given moment.


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