Monday, September 15, 2008

Did I See Geoffrey Canada Endorse Excuses?

I'm watching the PBS program on education - slightly tainted by the funding sources at PBS - you know, Broad and the rest of the brood.

So the Harlem Children's Zone's Geoffrey Canada comes on and says he has a dental clinic on the premises. "How do we expect a child to learn if he has a toothache," Canada says? And if a family is falling apart an 8 year old is sure to be affected.


Exactly what the Broader, Bolder people have been saying in counter to the EEP's "No excuses." Before you know it, Canada will start talking about the positive impact of low class size.

Now where can I get ahold of about a thousand dental clinics? I wonder what we can get for Aris on Ebay?


  1. Yes, ever since Canada's charter school turned out to be terrible he became an incredible excuse-maker. He will likely continue to get worse on this issue, and may even turn to the class size canard, as you suggest.

  2. I'm going to get my teeth done at the dental clinic in my local public school. Gee, which one should I choose? There are just too many choices.


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