Tuesday, September 23, 2008

UFT Unity Caucus Hack of the Week: Charlie Turner

Read all about the "compassionate" Charlie Turner, Brooklyn high school District Rep. in comments on the ICE blog. I extracted them on Norms Notes. If you need him, Turner is always available to pull opposition literature out of teacher mail boxes. The ultimate UFT "suit", this guy wears a suit over his suit.


  1. With all the anti-teacher and anti-ATR press out there this week, why is the UFT so silent????????????? Why no letters to the editors, no op-ed rebuttals? I am hearing from my fellow ATR's who were sent far and away this week and there are some real horror stories out there. And I have no idea what my rights are. Can I be made to sit in an office one period a day to do their bidding? Is this just something ATR's do since I don't see regular teachers doing it? Where is my file? If I am observed as a day-to-day sub, what can they critique me on? etc etc etc The silence from the union is deafening.

  2. "Hack of the Week?" Are you kidding? They have more than 365 people on payroll. You can have a "hack a day." We might reserve Charlie for Brooklyn-Queens Day.

  3. In 2003 I, as well as about nine other Fort Hamilton High School teachers, were contending with U-rated lessons because BASIS had informed administrators that not enough teachers were given U ratings. These educators were not coincidentally targeted: We were close to retiring. When I requested that my U-rating go to step 2, I was contacted by Charlie Turner who advised me that if I challenged the system, I would receive a U-rating for the year and be ineligible to transfer to another school. Knowing that I was retiring in a year and a half, Charlie asked: “Why do you want to be a martyr to the cause, kid?” I knew with Charlie on my side I would be persecuted further. Charlie is the equivalent of an ineffective court-appointed attorney. The question is: Does Charlie Turner truly represent what the union has become. And if the answer is obvious, why is anyone paying union dues?


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