Saturday, September 6, 2008

And if they can't agree on parking?

Chapter leaders and principals to assign parking placards: The UFT reached an agreement with the city on Aug. 26 that preserves all on-street and off-street parking spots for schools, but limits the number of permits available to a school to the number of available spots designated for parking by DOE personnel. In each school, the chapter leader and principal must agree on how those placards will be used. The story and the agreement are at If you as chapter leader have any questions, please contact your district rep.- UFT Weekly Update

Hmmm. Let's see how this works. My principal and I don't agree. So I call my District Rep. Three days later I still haven't received a response. The principal has given out all the permits. Now I read somewhere that when there's a dispute, the issue is taken to the UFT president. Isn't she somewhere racing around the country for the presidential election? No, I forgot. Hillary didn't make it so she has a lot more time to drop everything and deal with my parking issue. I'm still waiting.

In the meantime, I am all of a sudden being observed every half hour and getting U ratings even though I have a perfect record for 15 years. Ok, I'll grieve. Ooops! I forgot. I can't grieve letters in my file. I call the district rep. After a week, he calls me back. "Keep a careful log." After 3 months and 40 U observations, I call him back. "Not enough yet. Keep logging. Maybe we'll file a harassment grievance at the end of the year."

I'm in the rubber room though I don't know why. Rumor is that I verbally abused a kid for telling him he's a bad boy for not doing his homework. I call the District rep. "Don't worry, after all you're getting paid. Sit back and relax and enjoy. It's out of our hands now but you'll have a NYSUT attorney."

If you are having these problems, download Park Anywhere.


  1. Just having this occur at a few schools undermines teachers and in particular, chapter leaders. I didn't write this our of nowhere. While my principal never went after people, when she and I disagreed on something the contract said we both had to endorse, the district UFT abandoned me.

  2. "While my principal never went after people"...
    Norm, did I work in a different school?
    I know compared to what is going on now she wasn't the worst but still I remember her hating me and going full speed ahead at me, when I grieved her letter in my file.

  3. She never went after people's jobs and I can't remember her writing letters. IN today's world going after is going for the throat and we would both be in the rubber room. Look at her successor and the mayhem. That's was what I meant. - you do know the witch has left the koven?


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