Saturday, November 13, 2010

50 Ways to Lose a Chancellor- “$2.99,” she repeated. “Cheaper than a hooker,”

 --We just need someone to rewrite the Paul Simon lyrics

Today's NY Times

Sex-Tip App? New Schools Chief Promotes It

Cosmo App
When he announced that Cathleen P. Black, the chairwoman of Hearst Magazines, would become the next chancellor of New York City’s schools, Mayor Michael Bloomberg touted Ms. Black as uniquely qualified for the role.

“There is virtually nobody who knows more about the needs of the 21st century workforce for which we need to prepare our kids,” the mayor said.

It seems that Ms. Black also knows a thing or two about an altogether different kind of need.
In an Aug. 10, 2010, segment of the Diane Rehm radio show entitled “The Future of Magazines,” Ms. Black plugged Cosmopolitan Magazine’s latest iPhone App: the Sex Tip of the Day.
“Are you going to charge for that sex tip of the day?” the host, Frank Sesno, asked.
“Yeah, $2.99,” Ms. Black replied, as the host and other guests erupted into giggles. “$2.99,” she repeated. “Cheaper than a hooker,” she continued, before adding, “I didn’t say that, did I?”
The application offers a cornucopia of advice on an array of inventively, sometimes bogglingly, named sexual moves – among them, the Jet Jiggy, the Randy Raft, the Wanton Wheelbarrow and the Linguini. Each position is rated on a “Carnal Challenge” scale of one to five flames (the “Octopus,” for one, ranks five flames, and comes with words of encouragement: “Do it right and you two will look like a multilimbed lust creature”). A variety of aids are often employed, among them bathtubs, hot tubs, pools, inflatable rafts, inner tubes, balls, staircases and small boats.
Cosmopolitan, long a stalwart in the field of dishing and redishing sex advice, is just one of Hearst’s many publications. Other magazines include Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Popular Mechanics, Redbook and O, the Oprah Magazine. Ms. Black served as president of Hearst Magazines until the summer of 2010, and is now chairwoman.
Asked how many times the app has been downloaded, a spokeswoman for Hearst Magazines was mum. A spokeswoman with the city’s Department of Education said this application had no bearing on Ms. Black’s suitability to run a school district with 1.1 million children.
Ms. Black’s comments on Ms. Rehm’s show were reported this week by the television channel NY1.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what the hell? If a pedagogue posted information like this on Facebook they'd be out the door.

C. Black has apparently already trained in the use of rubrics, differentiated instruction, conferring, strategy lessons, and architecture of the mini-lesson as evidenced by her work with the Sex Tip of the Day. Sort of like the Flow of the Day.

Way to go! She is truly uniquely qualified!

Anonymous said...

This might be the begining of death by a thousand cuts. I do not see how she can survive. Despite Bloomies statements she was never properly vetted. The hooker line, what's next.

Prediction, she will never be Chancellor





At this point it would require that gravity cease to exist for this "Legend in her own mind" to ever become the next Chancellor.

But there is a much bigger story here that few are seeing, which surprises me with so many savvy people out there.

After dealing with the immediate emergency the next focus should be on Mayor Bloomberg's absolute disdain for the rule of law, for his disdain for the office he holds, for the disdain his actions reflect for possessing even the flimsiest code of ethics and personal morality and his utter and complete disdain for the rights of the citizens of New York City to expect clean, open and honest government.

This entire affair is proof once again, as if anyone needed such proof, that Michael Bloomberg does not deserve to possess the title of Mayor of New York City.

When Spitzer's personal life was exposed he was run out of town faster than a speeding bullet. But Mr. Spitzer's private life did not impact nearly so much on the welfare of more than one million children as Bloomberg trying to install or rather ram Ms. Cathie Black into Joel Klein's former position.

Once this ugly business of blocking any thought of a waiver for this caricature of an Education "expert" has been accomplished, the next big push should be to investigate the entire sordid background story with an eye to requiring Michael Bloomberg to step down and resign his Office, forthwith.

If there were ever such a thing as "the last straw", the Mayor's entire handling of this affair and most importantly the quality of his choice for a new schools Chancellor, into whose hands to entrust the lives and futures of one million children, says it all.

This latest stunt of the Mayor must be seen as the final "coups de grace" in his long history of showing disdain for every man, woman and child in NYC outside his own immediate circle of upper crust, entitled and well heeled friends.

Has Michael Bloomberg at long last no sense of decency ? Has he in fact no shred of decency at all ?

Only time and history will judge who had a more catastrophic and negative impact on NYC- Joel Klein, Esq. or the person who hired that charlatan.

Anonymous said...

I am putting my vote in for Keith Richards as NYC Schools Chancellor. He couldn't possibly do worse.