Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 Subject: BREAKING NEWS: Schools Chancellor Klein Set to Step Down Today, Sources Say
Schools Chancellor Joel Klein is preparing to leave office, according to multiple sources who tell NBCNewYork.com Klein's resignation could be announced as early as Tuesday afternoon. 

Complete details from NBC New York:


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was afraid of the next PEP meeting.

Anonymous said...

He probably couldn't take any more humiliation from Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

According to ABC News, the new chancellor, Cathie Black, is on the board of a charter school. We are running to avoid the rain and fall in the river.

Anonymous said...

"Joel Klein has never, ever, ever come to a negotiation session."

Did the president of a TEACHERS' union really say that?
Which "never" and "ever, ever" should we take seriously?

Isnt Mulgrew the guy who called Klein a "Num Nutz," sounding like he was in the carpenters' union?
Its no wonder our kids cant learn when Mulgrew talks like a mope- cant the UFT members find anyone to lead them in these difficult times? Like maybe, just maybe, you know maybe, a guy who can actually speak English? Where did he get his degree-on line?
What a loser!
No wonder he can't negotiate a contract with Bloomberg after one year- he is too afraid of him and cant even speak like an educator.

Anonymous said...

Wasnt Klein a very very close friend of Vince Foster, then betrayed him which led to Foster's despair?
Check it out- this guy is dangerous. -

-Hillary (Randi's "good" friend).