Monday, November 22, 2010

Ed Notes Exclusive: Bloomberg Fallback Position if Black Waiver Fails

Ed Notes has learned that Mayor Bloomberg, worried about the public outcry over the Unchattie Cathie Black nomination, has a strong alternate waiting in the wings: his next door neighbor's dog Bosco.

Numerous academics were quick to praise the mayor's choice. "I know Bosco well and in many ways she has more educational qualities than Black, having attended doggie obedience school within the last 2 years."

"This is a feminist issue after all," said Oprah, Woopie Goldberg and Gloria Steinem in a joint statement praising the choice of the 5 year old bitch.


See all the job openings at Harlem Village Academies

Black is on the Board
only two small schools -- with all this bureaucracy -- and w/Black on the advisory board.


David Ballela said...

unlike Cathie, Bosco looks very huggable.

NYC Educator said...

Bosco will be fine. All the decisions are made upstairs, and the chancellor's job, essentially, is wagging his tail and showing enthusiasm for whatever the master dictates.

Bosco said...

Black's nomination was based on racial quotas and will be set aside by the Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

You blokes don't know the first thing about education. Joel Klein is going to head up here down under!