Thursday, November 11, 2010

Next Brick to Fall on Klein: Phony Grad Rates

And the audit says....

In the post mortems to Klein's demise, note how the credit for test score rises has disappeared. Not how the closing achievment gap issue also has begun to fade from the credit list. But he is still given credit for raising high school grad rates. On the Newshour yesterday someone from the Hechinger Inst (I bet they are not impartial) even said by all metrics Klein got rates up 20%.

Note how they ignore credit recovery, enormous pressure on principals to push teachers to pass kids who fog a mirror, and easier Regent tests as a way to juke the stats. And let's not forget those pushouts.

Rumors are floating around that another shoe is set to drop on Klein: these pushouts - or disappeared kids from the cohorts - a major way to juke those grad rates. Some kind of audits have been going on and the people at Tweed have been in a tizzy. I hear things are getting close to be made public. I don't know all the arcane jargon on discharge codes but some funny stuff is being uncovered and whatever they do say they uncover is just scratching the surface.

Could the imminent release of this info been the push needed to get Klein to go?


Steve Koss said...

Klein's grand achievements are slowly being revealed for what many of us knew they were: a house of cards. The real shame in all this is that it was obvious enough to many people yet somehow not seen or deemed not worth exploring by the Times, Daily News, Post, Voice, etc. The cost in damaged education for countless NYC kids is inestimable, but the de-formers will continue to lionize Klein as an education hero just as Republicans lionize Bush for declaring war on Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Enron's demise - House of Cards
Mortagage Scam - House of Cards
Bernie Madoff - House of Cards
Test Scores - House of Cards
Grad. Rate - House of Cards
Closing Achievement Gap - House of Cards
Student Discharges - HOUSE OF CARDS!

Soon to be a HOUSE OF CARDS - RttT

I see a pattern!

Chaz said...

The graduation rates are phony. Not only did they juke the dropout rates, but credit recovery, online courses, foreign credits, and increased Principal pressure if not outright changing rades resulted in the phony increase in graduation rates.

Michael Fiorillo said...

Everything they say is a lie, including the words "and" and "the."

(Apologies to Mary McCarthy)

Under Assault said...

I have an image of this little man writhing in pieces throughout much of Dante's eighth circle of Trecento hell. That's for the fraudulent, those who are guilty of deliberate evil.

Of the 10 ditches in this circle, we won't find him in the first four, but pieces of him will be doing time in:
5 (for corrupt politicians),
6 (hypocrites),
7 (thieves),
8 (people who used their position to advise others to engage in fraud — a favorite of mine,
9 (sowers of discord), and
10 (falsifiers, who are "disease on society").

Anonymous said...

I know all the discharge codes I know what they mean.

12- address unknown

11- out of the city

10 - in an institution (i.e hospital, jail )

39- drop out

8 - in private school

6 - in parochial school

4 - under the age of six

Those are the consistent ones. There are the graduation codes (but since i deal with kids who are not in school I don't know what they are)

Also there are codes for children who pregnant and the subsequent birth. They keep changing it from year to year. I don't bother to memorize them anymore.

I bet you dollar to donuts that they push the kids out via code 12, 11 or 10. Those are the easiest codes to do and up until this year the schools were not penalize for those type of discharges.
(I've seen that happen all the time)

Just my to cents.