Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There's still hope for Klein to be taken out of Tweed with his coat over his head

You know I predicted early in Joel Klein's tenure that one day he and his pals would be removed from Tweed with their coats over their heads. I also predicted that the school systems of Kabul and Baghdad would recover sooner than the NYC system after Klein's tenure. One out of two ain't bad. But I still have hope on that "coat over the head" thingie with the news that Rupert, Klein's new boss, has bought a technology firm that Klein had pushed very rigorously as Chancellor. 


Murdoch buys education technology company

By Valerie Strauss
[Disclosure: Kaplan Inc. is a for-profit education subsidiary of The Washington Post Co., which publishes The Washington Post, my employer.]
This didn't take long: Joel Klein announces Nov. 9 that at year’s end he will resign as York City’s Schools chancellor to become executive vice president at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Yesterday, the company announced that it was buying a technology company with big financial ties to the New York City school system.
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