Monday, November 8, 2010

Charter school parent Magnificent Mona Davids has been on the case. Today the Daily News reported that Evil Moskowitz wrote her uncle Joel a letter telling him to order the public schools to allow taping of meetings (which I agree with) so that her expensive video crews (using money taken from the mouths of public school kids) can chronicle events for possibly another bullshit Waiting for Superman type film. Mona wrote Uncle Joel a letter asking him to make sure we can tape charter school meetings (oh, what fun). It was her second letter after the first one 3 weeks ago went unanswered. Sorry, Mona, Joel is just not your uncle. Mona commented:
In today's Daily News (see below), there is an article that reports you sent out a notice to all Community Education Councils at Eva Moskowitz's request informing them that their meetings are subject to Open Meetings Law and can be videotaped and recorded.  I would like to know why you have complied with Ms. Moskowitz's request but have not complied with my request for the same notification but to charter leaders and their boards.  I would hate to think that Ms. Moskowitz's request is more important than my request.  It makes me feel like a second class citizen.  Is a charter school leader more important than a charter parent?
Check Norms Notes for Mona's letter: 

OPEN EMAIL: Violation of General Municipal Law & Open Meetings Law by NYC DOE Authorized Charter Schools [2nd Request]

So the DOE finally did respond this morning - nothing like a little bit of embarrassing bad pub to get them off their asses:
Dear Ms. Davids,

We have received your email communication and we are working on crafting communication to our charters regarding requirements for Open Meeting Laws.

Aaron Listhaus
Chief Academic Officer | Charter Schools Office
NYC Department of Education| Room 413
Phone: 212.374.6883 | Fax: 212.374.5581 
 Mona tossed this back:
Charters are touted for their accountability. Where's the accountability in ensuring they follow the law?

It's beginning to seem like charters are above the law with their enablers being the authorizers who are supposed oversee them. Fiscal mismanagement - that's okay; corruption - that's okay; violating your charter - that's okay; violating Ed Law - that's okay; violating IDEA - that's okay; not serving Special Needs and ELL's - that's okay; violating Title 1 - that's okay; violating the charter schools act - that's okay; violating charter parents' civil rights - that's okay; abusing children - that's okay; nepotism - that's okay; ultimately destroying communities - that's okay...

It's not just DoE authorized charters violating the law but also Regents and SUNY CSI authorized charters as well. Charters funded with public money but privately managed are apparently above the law and not accountable to the public.

This is very wrong and not what charters were originally envisioned to become.

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