Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DC Election Update from Candi

Parker's Last Acts Of Desperation - Happy Thanksgiving!

6 Days To WTU Run-off Election- Didn't get a ballot call 1-800-273-0726 to get a duplicate.

Featuring Candi Peterson, blogger in residence and WTU Candidate for General Vice President/Saunders slate

In the first Washington Teachers Union (WTU) election, two out of three teachers voted against WTU "holdover" President George Parker whose constitutional term ended June 30, 2010. Since those results were tallied, the Liz Davis/Emily Washington slate and Chris and Ben Bergfalk slate solidly endorsed the Nathan Saunders slate of which I am a part. Parker’s loss to Saunders has brought out the worst in him. On the final leg of the WTU race, Parker's last acts of desperation reveal an underbelly of petulance, lies, small minded mean spiritedness and pure hate.  MORE

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