Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eva Puts Out "Done Deal" Leaflet in Advance of Tonight's Vote - Announces Meeting This Saturday

There's so much "demand" for a Moskowitz Charter in Cobble Hill Success has to drum up people to attend a meeting this Saturday for the new school even in advance of the vote tonight. Success has hired people to hand out these fliers as per this email:
A colleague of mine received the attached flyer on her way to work from someone who was handing them out.  She passed it along to me yesterday afternoon, so I am forwarding this to you all.

The PEP vote, which is scheduled for tonight, has not even happened yet. The flyer presents as if this charter school co-location has been approved.


  1. Unfortunately the likely hood of it's being a done deal is high.

  2. How disgusting! How unethical! Success schools are parasitic, by nature and cunning by artifice.


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