Wednesday, December 7, 2011

UFT Reaction to Tweed New Supervison Plan for ATRs Deemed Uncacceptable

I find this reaction unacceptable.  For starters, it is ludicrous that ATRs will be judged on classroom management.  The DOE/UFT expects us to have quality classroom management.  It should be obvious that we need to develop an initial repertoire in order to reach that point.    The notion that we should be judged on this is thoroughly brain-dead.

Makes no sense to me. Classroom Management has much to do with developing relationships with students. It has much to do with having students know that you care about  and respect them. It has much to do with the trust that you spend time earning from them.  It has much to do with developing community in your classroom.  It has much to do with knowing content so that lessons are exciting and fun and students feel good about what they are learning.  That takes time and lots of work. It does not happen with revolving teachers.  Have these people ever been in a classroom?


The purpose of this is to make it easier to fire teachers.It has nothing to do with fairness or with common sense - or more importantly it has nothing to do with what is good fro students.

Carolyn I agree.  And we expect Bloomberg and Walcott to put forth such a practice.  My point was that the UFT said that evaluating classroom management for ATRs who bounce around from school to school every week makes sense.  I cannot believe that anyone who was a teacher would even suggest such a thing.


  1. This story is another nail in the coffin. Even classroom teachers are given some time to build a rapport with their students and establish classroom management and routines.

    But this nail is being hammered hard by the UFT who should have put a stop to it immediately. In fact they should make sure all ATRs are placed first.

    This is in par with "Restart Schools" field testing the new, unrealistic evaluation system that makes it impossible for a teacher to get a good rating.

  2. When oh when will the UFT begin a campaign to educate parents, students and communities about who "runs" each of our schools. How many inexperienced, no-nothing, zombies will be enough before Unity does something.

    How many parents would find it interesting that more and more principals have only taught for two-three years before taking the helm? How many parents would like to know that these principals know nothing about instruction and therefore are hurting our children because as principals they are in charge of advancing teaching and learning in their schools.

    Here's a commercial:

    Patient on surgery table.

    Doctor asks for scalpel. Then looks into camera.

    Voice-Over: Thanks to new rules I became a surgeon almost overnight. I've watched ER reruns many times and I spent six weeks last summer visiting hospitals all over NYC. I am ready to deliver quality care.

    Cut to image of principal with facts listed about inexperience and background.

    Voice-Over: Would you let that doctor care for your child? Then why do we allow so many inexperienced principals care for our children every day in NYC public schools?

    One union vs. Another Union...I get it! SO let's just sit to the side and watch the continued cannibalisation of teachers. The UFT and CSA better work something out fast.


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