Sunday, December 11, 2011

Countering Naked Ed Deform

Subj: Brooklyn Success hearing at PS 59K Dec. 6, 2011
This is the PTA president of PS 59 in D 14 speaking against the co-location of another Brooklyn Success Academy.  PS 59K is a beautiful building with a school population that has not been given the resources it needs to serve the neighborhood's children.  The school's request to expand to grade 8 was denied by the DOE so it could give the space to Eva Moskowitz.  This school has always served special needs children in many capacities.  I went there as a child from 3-6 grade and was supported by the visually handicapped program.   We had one of the few African American teachers in the district in the 1960s. Her name was Mrs. Anderson and she was magnificent.  This school has a long history in District 14 as you will hear the President say.  I spoke with other people who also went to this school and now their children and grandchildren are going there.  They have stayed in the neighborhood and feel betrayed and angry that Eva can waltz into our building.  She will eventually take over as she has done in Harlem and another neighborhood will lose their school and it's heritage. Please come out to the PEP meeting on Wednesday to let them know that Brooklyn does not need or want Eva and her success Academies.
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