Friday, December 30, 2011

James Eterno and Jeff Kaufman Comment on the Evaluation Impasse

Before I even start I should remind people that both these guys represented ICE on the UFT Exec Bd from 2004-2007 - ICE and TJC shared 6 members out of 89 - but James and Jeff carried the load, raising insightful questions about UFT policy in those crucial years. Even 2 voices like theirs was so offensive to the leadership they made sure to offer New Action total support in the 2007 election to assure these voices would be stilled.

Here Jeff comments on James post on the ICE blog:  DOE WALKS OUT OF NEGOTIATIONS ON TEACHER EVALUATION

Jeff Kaufman said...
Thanks, James for an insightful piece. There is a small wrinkle which might cause unforeseen consequences to rejected the DOE evaluation offers. While the law is clear about union input it is less clear about impasse. Impasse might yield the DOE getting its own way as legislators blame the union or the courts side with traditional decision makers in evaluation systems. In most scenarios other than the loss of the money the City has calculated that it will ultimately prevail. The union must show overwhelming political strength to stop this...something they clearly are not prepared for.

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