Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Will Moskowitz Meet Match in Cornel West? Will Wadleigh Librarian Become an ATR?

When one of the most respected national voices in the Black community inserts himself into the battle over an Evil real estate grab something's got to give.

Read the Geoff Decker and Beth Fertig stories. Did I miss something? No ref to the charges that both "struggling" schools in the same building are in Success Academy's way and are being cleared out for Eva?

And how about that respected librarian - Paul McIntosh - who may become an ATR if the school closes?
PS 241 in Harlem was also branded a failure when EVA wanted the building but did too well so now they go after the other charter in that building to give her liebensraum.

Noah Gotbaum reported:
Cornel West was incredible speaking to a packed house primarily of middle and high school students at Wadleigh/FDA II earlier today.  See Geoff Decker's article with link to the video in Gotham Schools, and Beth Fertig's piece in Schoolbook.


Cornel West: 'I intend to fight' for Harlem school that could close


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  1. I'd ask Paul to come to our school...but..ummm...we don't have a library.


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