Thursday, December 8, 2011


OK. So it's Friday 9AM where I am but if my math is good this should be getting started soon where it's thurs 3pm. We will have some GEM film coverage.

Tomorrow I'll publish an email I received critical of CEJ and AQE for their ties to uft policies of supporting charters and using Eva Moskowitz as a scapegoat to cover up. Opening up issues related to CEJ, an Annenberg Inst op, can turn into a can of worms but maye it's time (while I'm safe in NZ). But for today, anything that focuses attention on the political nature of the Moskowitz op is OK with me.

Hi everyone,

My name is Melinda Martinez, I am a mother of 4 daughters at the School for International Studies where Eva Moskowitz wants to co-locate her Success Academy Charter School. Like many of you, I was appalled to see that after hours of testimony from parents and Cobble Hill residents against the co-location in the K293 building, Marc Sternberg (DOE Deputy Chancellor) said his opinion remained unchanged. As if that wasn't enough, the next day I came to find out that Eva Moskowitz is considering running for Mayor-- this is scary! We must not let another politician advance their political career on the backs of our public school children.

A number of parents at my school believe it's time to take further action against Eva Moskowitz moving into our school and harming our children's education. I am urging parents from Cobble Hill and across the city to join us to:

Thursday, Dec. 8th from 3:30-5pm
outside of Eva's Office in West Harlem
310 Lenox, between 125th and 126th
Right off the 2 or 3 train to 125th St.

NO co-locations of Success Academy Charter School in Cobble Hill, or anywhere in NYC!

Please RSVP by contacting Melinda Martinez, or Julian Vinocur from the Alliance for Quality Education at, or call 203-313-2479
Norm Scott

Twitter: normscott1

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