Thursday, December 8, 2011

"I'm ghetto-licious!" proclaims Jane Addams HS Principal as School Is Destroyed by DOE

"In truth there are no words." --- Glenn Tepper, retired Jane Addams teacher

The slaughter taking place by an unfettered Tweed destroying one school after another is causing mayhem in the public schools of NYC. Yet there is no body willing or capable of stopping the maiming going on. Frustration mounts as people feel more and more helpless as we read daily accounts that are almost impossible to believe (check out the Valerie Ready reports at Bronx High which Ed Notes has been exposing for years.)
Jane Addams Principal facebook page

Here is another horrible principal supported by Tweed until the shit hits the fan. Retired Jane Addams teacher Glenn Tepper had the story here at Ed Notes a year ago. Now that the press is noticing there are follow-ups.

Here are recent messages from Glenn:
An insightful piece, written by a longtime colleague and friend, and by the person who replaced me when I retired:

This article corroborates the points I made the piece I wrote in 2010:

Together, the two articles provide an accurate assessment of what has happened to Jane Addams High School for Academics and Careers.
The irony is, that the principal of the school in which I worked for 21 of my 36 years in the New York City system may now be removed, but not for the fundamental reason why she should have been removed ever since she got the job— that she was not qualified to lead this school, and that she never grew into the job.  Nor may she now be removed for other well-founded reasons: handing out Unsatisfactory ratings to staff without just cause (including entire departments which were comprised of both veteran and younger staff), or dismantling core programs, or discontinuing needed courses, or destroying staff morale.  

Instead, her head may roll because of an alleged credit scam.  There was a legit basis for what the first article (below) attempts to describe— awarding course credit towards graduation for courses that incorporated the curriculum of the basic (credited) course, but she bungled that by awarding double credit.  (Duh!)  Of course, the article goes off track, alleging credit for a "Geography" course required for graduation— Nowhere in New York State is a "geography" course a graduation requirement: Both Global Studies and US History & Government are the required course sequences, not "geography."  Geography is something I remember studying when I was in the 4th grade.

Off-street parking used to be overseen by a joint volunteer committee of staff and administrators, and it ran without a hitch for more than two decades.  Since I retired, this principal took over unilateral control of parking, and then did who-knows-what.

There are no words.  Except maybe these that she exclaimed as she began her address at Addams' 2010 Commencement: "I'm ghetto-licious!"
Here's the article about the Jane Addams principal's photo on her Facebook page:
In truth, there are no words…

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  1. Jane Addams is unable not because of some malevolent wish from the Training Office and not only because of inefficient university authority. Linda Addams is the product or service of wide spread problems in Training Office authority and error.


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