Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Breaking: Judge grants UFT Petition on Peter Lamphere 2009 U-rating in Another Blow to Bronx High School of Sci Principal

When Valerie Reidy(sp) went after UFT chapter chair and top level math teacher Peter Lamphere by giving him 2 u ratings in a row with a third career ending pending a deal was arranged to transfer Peter while awaiting the outcome of grievances etc. While saving Peter's teaching career in NYC it was also a victory for Reidy in removing a CL that stood up for teachers under severe attack at one of the top schools in the nation. (Or was.)

I thought the UFT should have made Peter the poster boy for defending LIFO and tenure protections. And to focus on the attack on union reps.

But the UFT has its ways though that may well happen. The 2nd U rating is still pending. And Peter also has a law suit going.

For background search ed notes for 5 years of Reidy articles.

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  1. What are the negative consequences to Reidy for her misconduct?

  2. The DoE will probably give her a raise.

  3. Culture of fear.

    That is almost what Walcott claims to seek in Danielson ........ a culture for learning.

    I would like to know how many schools in the city live in the reign of terror created by the culture of fear.

    Mine is one. Queens, NY.

  4. Usually, these types of cases result in an extensive written decision by the judge.

    But, not this time.

    Can you get us the details?


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