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Why Did John Merrow/Learning Matters Censor Susan Ohanian on Common Core?

(I know I scheduled some posts but 18 hour time diff's got me confus
Susan's update is fully packed with info which I can't read in full due to poor internet access. Of particular note is John Merrow's Learning Matters apparently censoring her comments on Commom Core standards. Leonie has asked them to explain in an email. Randi W and Merrow are appearing together next Weds Dec 14 in NYC (details posted when I get back). Both got money from Bill Gates. One of the censored items: The two most recent Gates grants to Learning Matters:

2009: $325,000
2007: $308,000

I've got more but too hard to do on Blackberry.

I do want to point out I am opposed to Common Core because of how much I trust Susan. That Randi and Mulgrew and Bill Gates and Dennis Walcott are pushing it down your throats is not surprising though teachers buying it should be. How can you trust that tandem after all that has happened?

BTW - just today got a major Kiwi businessman/activist in Reefton on the South Island on camera attacking commom core here as ed deform. I hope it comes out.

And I also heard from Merlin at Occupy Aukland who are in court today and tomorrow fighting eviction. He said they might try to show the judge some of the video I shot at their GA on Nov. 30.

Marion Brady's piece has gone viral. Yesterday over 350,000 people had visited the site, with almost that many posting comments. Kudos to Marion for his continued and persistent good work!!

Although I posted my latest dust-up with Learning Matters/John Merrow/PBS below, I hope you will read it at Daily Censored:

It's creating a little stir on Twitter and at Facebook. Please pass it on.

I would never admit how long it took to write that. I avoid writing and avoid writing, while mushing things over and over and over. . . worrying about them. After I finally write something, the real work begins. I edit and edit and edit. I envy people who dash things off. I am a plodder, not a dasher.

I have a second piece at Daily Censored. Although it qualifies as an Eggplant, I haven't posted it there yet. I've never figured out why humor gets no notice, never mind respect.

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It's really good to see teachers haven't lost their sense of humor.

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Who's Afraid of Bill Gates? Read on.

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This commentary provoked A LOT OF comments against the Common Core.

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The Gates Foundation funds ALEC.

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Norm Scott

Twitter: normscott1

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